We have considerable experience with modern road and modern race/rally car engines. Our services include standard/fast road engine rebuilds, and race/rally engine rebuilds. We offer full engine cleaning and our multi-tank system ensures that your valuable internal engine parts are only ever cleaned in the cleanest of solvent.

Our team has a very consultative approach and we carry out engine modifications to your desired specification. However, we can also discuss your many options to maximise potential improvements in both power and reliability. We offer engine tuning including skimming cylinder heads and also we can convert your engine to lead free fuel.
Higher performance and reliability can be achieved by using our expertise with steel crankshafts and conrods. This will strengthen your engine to allow it to rev at higher speeds. Additionally we can provide aluminium flywheels and lightweight engine pulleys to lighten the reciprocating mass and thereby improve the response.
Power can be increased with gas flowing of cylinder heads to increase flow capabilities. Ideally you should also allow us to optimise the compression ratio to suit your Fuel and cam specification and boost on turbocharged units
Thanks to our close relationship with our technical partners we are always able to offer the latest proven innovations and technologies and we have set up many partnerships and relationships with component suppliers. This ensures that we can always source the highest quality and best value components and we can offer standard, modified, rally and race engine components for sale.

Our machining services include

  • Crankshaft Grinding
  • Crank linishing
  • Cylinder boring
  • Cylinder honing
  • Engine balancing including rotary engines
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Cylinder Block Refacing
  • Cylinder Liner Removal & Fitting Service
  • Main Bearing Housings Re-Aligned
  • Cyl Head Refacing, All Types eg, Cast, Alloy,
  • Pressure testing
  • Valve Guide Fitting Service
  • Valve guide K line inserts


  • Valve Seats Recut
  • Valves Refaced
  • Piston modifications
  • Small End Bushes Fitted and Honed
  • Con Rod Housings Resized to Manufactures Spec
  • Piston Fitting Service
  • Flywheels Machined & Lightened
  • Camshaft Bearings Fitted & Hand Scraped
  • Full engine assembly service
  • Performance Specification Confidentiality Assured
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Helicoils Supplied Fitted

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